Collaboration is very important for a healthy scientific environment. Therefore, we are a collaborative lab.

Statement of collaboration

We are interested in building mutual beneficial connections between scientists, labs, and companies. Over the years we have gotten the privilege to work with several exceptional individual scientists and labs. Our main collaborators with whom we share several published articles are listed below.


Prof. Andre Marquand
Prof. Barbara Franke
Prof. Christian Beckmann
Prof. Jan Buitelaar
Prof. Corina Greven
Dr. Seyed Mostafa Kia
Dr. Alberto Llera Arenas
Dr. Mariam Zabihi


Prof. Lars Westlye
Prof. Ole Andreassen
Prof. Dag Alnaes
Dr. Dennis v.d. Meer
Dr. Torgeir Moberget
Dr. Yunpeng Wang


Prof. Tobias Kaufmann
Dr. Vinod Kumar