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María Berjano, MSc student, Tübingen
I am currently a master’s student at the Neural Information Processing program of the Graduate Training Centre for Neuroscience at the University of Tübingen. I am interested in studying psychiatric disorders from an interdisciplinary perspective, combining neuroimaging and machine learning methods; Supervisors: Dr. Wolfers, Prof. Kaufmann
Sacha ten Broeke, BSc student, Nijmegen
I am currently a third-year bachelor (honors) student of psychology at the Radboud University in the Netherlands. For my honors program I write a critical review article about the role for biomarkers in psychiatry. Furthermore, I will discuss how we can utilize statistical methods to improve the discoverability of hidden factors contributing to complex processes of disease development. Supervisor: Dr. Wolfers
Mai Han Hoang, MSc student, Tübingen
I am a master student in Neural Information Processing at the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience in Tübingen. In my master thesis I make use of neuroimaging and multi-task learning to investigate cognitive and mental health in children and adolescents; Supervisors: Dr. Wolfers, Prof. Kaufmann
Milin Kim, PhD candidate, Oslo
I am interested in the development of the cerebellum over the lifespan and its role in neurological and mental disorders. In my PhD, I am mapping the trajectory of the cerebellum using machine learning methods and brain imaging of large populations. Before starting my PhD at Oslo University Hospital, I studied psychology at Seoul National University and continued with cognitive neuroscience at University of Oslo. Outside the lab I spend my time exploring Norwegian forests and fjords, baking macarons, and reading; Supervisors: Dr. Wolfers, Dr. Morberget
Rikka Kjelkenes, PhD Candidate, Oslo
In my research I try to understand the development of the adolescent brain. To this end, I utilize machine learning methods, in particular normative models to chart individual level deviations from a growth chart. In this way I hope to better capture individual deviations from an estimated norm that can be linked to early indicators of mental health and disorder. Outside the lab, I enjoy meeting with friends, travelling and reading; Supervisors: Dr. Wolfers, Prof. Alnaes, Prof. Westlye
Esten Leonardsen, PhD candidate, Oslo
My research interests are on the continuous development of deep learning techniques, especially applied to neuroimaging data. I want to employ these methods to learn more about variation occurring in our brains, both in healthy individuals and those affected by mental as well as neurological disorders. I am also interests in the philosophical intersection of deep learning and neuroscience, philosophy of mind, and about gaining a formal understanding of learning, intelligence, and other cognitive phenomena. Outside of the lab I have cofounded start-up companies and enjoy reading. Supervisors: Dr. Wolfers, Dr. Wang, Prof. Westlye
Thomas Wolfers, PI
In my research I develop machine learning methods to understand factors that contribute to (mental) health problems in individuals. I hold a PhD in neuroscience from the Radboud University and have been working as a Postdoc in Netherlands (Radboud University), researcher in Norway (University of Oslo), and visiting scholar in the United Kingdom (University of Oxford) before starting my research group in Tübingen (Germany). In the long run, I aim to implement technological developments into clinical practice working together with clinicians and researchers. Outside of the lab, I study yoga, meditation and enjoy reading but also like social activities and music.
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more than six months
MSc. Milin Kim (2021) > continued as PhD candidate with Thomas as cosupervisor.
MSc. Victória Trindade (2019) > continued as PhD candidate at the UMCG (the Netherlands)
MSc. Christina Isakoglou (2017) > continued as PhD cadidate with Thomas contributing to supervision.
MSc. Maria Paraskevopoulou (2016) > continued as PhD candidate at the RUMC (the Netherlands)