In this section you find ways in which our lab contributes to a thriving science community.

In Tübingen

We are a part of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Tübingen, which is one of the locations of the German Centre for Mental Health. Our group is an associated member of the Cluster of Excellence: Machine Learning in Science.

Talks, courses, and workshops

Talks, courses, and workshops are an important aspect for a thriving scientific environment. For instance, we contribute to the organization of The 5th international Workshop on Machine Learning in Clinical Neuroimaging at MICCAI, teach at the Computational Psychiatry Course at the ETH and Machine Learning for Neuroimaging at the University of Stanford. We contribute to other events as well and are happy to answer your questions or requests by email.


The goal of our lab is to provide an environment where education is joy. While science is often an endeavour one must work on in solitude, we will provide opportunities for collaborative education whenever possible. We aim to educate competent and confident students who can complete difficult tasks for society. In our lab you will be encouraged to learn the skills and personal qualities necessary to achieve whatever goal you put your mind to. We welcome people from any background to sign up for this journey.


Finding the right mentor for a given task is an important step towards its execution and eventual completion. Competences change with time and topic. Thus, the mentor-student relationship is a dynamic process and not fixed. The ego, ideally, stays outside.